Data Types - Booleans

The Boolean data type is a value of – True / False.
It is very common that python functions return a Boolean value.
A Boolean can be the product of a comparison operator.

#Booleans print("is 1 equals to 2? ", 1==2) type(1 == 1)

It is important to know that the Boolean type can be translated to numbers.

  • True --> 1
  • False --> 0

Here is an example:

#Booleans print(True + False) print(True + True) print(True + 1) print(True / False)

In the example above we tried to divide (1/0). It returns a ZeroDivisionError.

Please notice while using conditional statements – notice that any number but zero is evaluated as True. Zero is the only number evaluated as False. Here is an example:

#Booleans if 5: print(5) if 0: print(0)

Try it yourself!