map() function

Map() is a built-in python function. It gets a list and a function that gets only one parameter.
Map returns a new list in which each item is the result of applying the function with the appropriate value in the original list.

Watch the example:

#map def triple(x): return(x * 3) original_list = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] print(original_list) new_map = map(triple, original_list) #print a map object print(new_map) #print a list object new_list = list(new_map) print(new_list)


  1. Create a function that calculate the square of a number.
  2. Create a list of arbitrary numbers.
  3. Use the map() function to apply the function on the list items.
  4. Print out the list.

#Create a function #Use the map() function #Print out